Hopefully you are not still wasting time with Internet Explorer (too clunky and has a lost much of it’s functionality for way to many reasons to list here).  I have joined the minions who have switched to FireFox!  And one of the coolest things about FF is the ability to add little apps that customize the functionality of FF to what you do the most.

One of the things I have resolved to do this year is to write and read more.  Both are difficult for me due to time constraints.  So I am always looking for something that allows me to accomplish my goals in the shortest time possible.  I just stumbled upon an extension called ScribeFire and I strongly recommend it!

Rather than having to log into my blog spot, I can use ScribeFire right from my main browser window and start writing away!  It seems to come with a full line of options and tools that make it perfect for my ADD personality!

If you blog and use FireFox, then ScribeFire is a must for you.  To learn more about it and download it go here.